Complete your platform

Your DMO platform already attracts numerous visitors, maintains a substantial mailing list, and plays a key role in organising local or regional events. Also take the final step and facilitate bookings for your ambassadors.

Quickly Up & Running

By offering our software as a service (SaaS), you can quickly get started. With connections to over 150 reservation systems already in place, you can immediately begin onboarding accommodations in your region.

Optimally filter your city or region

Accommodations can be filtered by Region, City, Village or District level. And you can create specific filters for your region, such as ‘within walking distance of the forest’ or ‘in the center’. You decide what makes your region unique.

All forms of Stay

One solution and one interface for all types of accommodations. Hotels, holiday homes, campsites, B&Bs, and holiday parks seamlessly combined.

Proven Technology

See our software in action in Zeeland, The Netherlands. The allyourz platform has been operational for over 1.5 years; explore how our software is utilized there.
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Depending on the target audience of your DMO, you can configure and enable different languages in your booking software.

Advice & support

Through training and specialised advice, we assist your DMO in optimally using the software, enhancing your marketing and conversion efforts, and activating your platform ambassadors.

DMO revenue model

By implementing a fair commission structure for bookings in your region, you can establish a sustainable revenue model right away.

Happy ambassadors

Many rentals are dissatisfied with international booking sites. Offer them a fair alternative where they can rent out under their own terms and conditions.

No contracts

The visitor enters into an agreement directly with the hotelier or rental. As a DMO you offer a dynamic digital notice board, that's it.

Also for private rental

For private rentals without a reservation system, there is a solution to enter availability and prices with an account, enabling them to generate bookings.

More than 150 reservation systems linked

Automatically updated availability and prices on your DMO platform. Bookings are seamlessly integrated into your partners’ systems.

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About Localbooker

Localbooker enables Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs) to generate local bookings for their partners. The platform becomes the exclusive property of the DMO organization in a specific city or region.

The DMO can set the conditions for its partners and is not a contracting party in the booking process. Localbooker facilitates a dynamic digital notice board displaying current prices and availability of accommodations. The software supports bookings for hotels, holiday homes, B&Bs, holiday parks, and campsites.

Switch from ‘just looking’ to​ booking

Localbooker aims to seamlessly integrate into existing information and inspiration environments. It also offers integration with existing object databases to prevent duplication of object information.

Restaurants, Attractions and Activities

Localbooker is not only facilitating ‘searching & booking accommodations’, even reserving and booking restaurants, rental bicycles, SUP boards, activities and attractions is out-of-the-box available.

Turnover and data

Connecting area marketing with local bookings creates the opportunity for a revenue model where generated revenues can be reinvested back into your own region. The software also offers valuable insights into visitors’ actual behavior.

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